Our Mission


SecOps NZ is committed to play an active and valued role in the New Zealand information protection and cyber security community by protecting New Zealand organisations from financial loss, reputation damage and data loss or breach.

We aim to become New Zealand's most respected cyber security business by building client trust through dedicated service solutions and measurable outcomes.



Our Strategic Partners

Our Strategic Partners are all Magic Quadrant leading technologies in their respective areas of expertise.

Our approach to selecting Strategic Partners is simple. 

  • Is this partner a global leader in their respective field of expertise?

  • Does this partner have a solution set which provides our customers with an fully integrated and complimentary security process?

  • Does this solution set enable the client to build a security programme that reduces complexity and cost?

Our research and experience has enabled us to select and support the list of Strategic Partners below:

Accredited Certifications

Cyber and information security is an industry that requires constant learning. The prolific growth in the volume of threats and their increased sophistication requires us to keep updated on the latest news, trends, and available training.

At SecOps NZ we encourage and passionately support a culture of self-improvement through continuous learning and research.

Combining our field experience with formal security training enables us to attract and retain the best talent.  This enables us to provide our clients with the latest industry expertise and knowledge.

Listed below are a snapshot of some of our accredited certifications.