Privacy Bill Update 2019

A higher threshold for notification of privacy breaches, clarification of the application of New Zealand privacy law to offshore giants like Facebook and Google and clearer rules on the use of offshore cloud service providers.

Those are some of the recommendations made by the Justice Select Committee (Committee) in its report on the Privacy Bill (Bill) on 14 March.

Key features of the Select Committee report:

1. NZ privacy law applies to Facebook and Google too

2. Higher threshold for privacy breach notification

3. Clarity on use of cloud service providers

  • You remain liable for personal information stored in the cloud

  • Harder to disclose personal information to foreign entities

  • You must notify individuals about a privacy breach

The Privacy Bill is now scheduled to take effect from 1 March 2020, later than the July 2019 date originally proposed. It will now progress to its second and third readings, with further changes still possible. While there have been no firm indications to date that MPs have any appetite to push for significant changes to the Bill, it’s possible the ongoing debate on the role of social media platforms in the wake of the Christchurch attacks, plus recently announced Australian privacy law changes, could encourage further analysis and debate. Watch this space.

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