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Managed Endpoint Threat Prevention

Traditional antivirus software cannot keep up with the next generation threats that are targeting your endpoints and users.  Organisations currently experience an average of 615 alerts per week, and with limited skills and resources many organisations are unable to validate and act upon those alerts before they potential compromise their organisation.  

SecOps can implement purpose built technology that is able to better identify and stop new and existing threats, replacing your traditional antivirus, and ensuring your users are protected no matter where or how they work.


Managed Endpoint Threat Detection

An endpoint threat detection system pinpoints systems and devices that may be hosting an advanced adversary that has evaded security controls.  Advanced adversaries continually look for vulnerabilities across a system where they can land and then expand their sophisticated attack on your entire system.

SecOps provides round the clock detection and analysis of these potential threats.  Our security event response identifies which systems have been compromised, how it happened, and how to repair them.  This service allows you to respond quickly and efficiently to eliminate each threat.


Managed Email & Web Security

Monitoring Web and Email servers that deliver critical services may be one of the top challenges for any organisation.  With a lack of end-to-end visibility, having experienced staff to monitor and protect these services is difficult in an environment that is constantly changing.  

With threats that include targeted attacks, persistent adversaries and advanced malware, traditional web and email security measures are no longer sufficient.  Threats to servers can now move laterally between servers and virtual machines, bypassing perimeter security devices.  Monitored protection by experienced security experts will prevent data breaches and ensure your organisation achieves compliance.