Enterprise Security Architecture Assessment


Aligning Enterprise IT Security with Core Business Strategy

Tailoring industry frameworks to supporting customers in making architectural decisions governing Business Assets, Processes, Systems, People and technology domains  

Establishing a baseline is the first step to taking control. Our security assessments focus on policies, processes, data access, technology and people. It enables us to ascertain maturity levels across the various threat surfaces. It also enables us to assist our customers with identifying the critical assets and take a risk based approach to building defence in depth.


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Assessment Basics Q&A

- Does the current CyberSecurity programme have full support from the Executive?

- Is the current CyberSecurity Programme fit for purpose?

- What are the organisation's most valuable assets?

- Have we completed any Asset Classification & Valuation?

- Who is ultimately responsible for CyberSecurity in my organisation?


Maturity Levels measured by CMMI framework

Our Maturity Assessment leverages the CMMI framework to enable us to provide our clients with tangible outcomes from the engagement. We use this traffic light system to enable customers to baseline their entire Security posture to support informed decision making.