Enterprise Security Monitoring & Management


Securing your critical assets, Day and Night

Our Security Operations Centre is built in a layered defence in depth model, offering an extensive array of services to meet our customers needs through risk based approach.

SecOPs provides a security management and monitoring solution that ensures threats are identified and prevented before damage is done.


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Why come to us for Fully Managed Security?

- Our expert knowledge is key to receiving a quality service, this is built through experience & continuous learning

- Our leveraged Automated systems remove a degree of human error improving detection rates

- Lifycycle management, with updates and patches are included and therefore reduces risk and overhead

- 24 x 7 x 365 is essential as threat actors don't operate 9 to 5

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Key features of our Management & Monitoring Solution

- Centralised collection of security logs for analysis

- Eyes on glass, Security monitoring and Incident managment

- Customised weekly reporting on Security incidents and major alerts

- Advanced Intrusion & Threat Detection & Protection

- Threat analytics automation through NextGen SIEM