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Managed Cloud Security

IT staff can be overwhelmed by the number of security alerts and data generated by virtual applications and appliances, as well as physical on premise devices.  Identifying potential threats before any damage occurs requires constant monitoring and analysis of log events.

SecOps security experts help you to identify real threats from routine events, and provide you with recommendations designed to increase your productivity across the cloud.


Managed Data Centre Security

As organisational data centres transition to a hybrid IT environment, security becomes paramount to ensure that all data is protected against threats across cloud, network, and on-premise systems and devices.  

SecOps offers a fully managed security monitoring service so you can focus on your business.


Managed Container Security

As organisations shift towards a world of CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous delivery), they require security that can be automated and complimentary to their DevOps environment.   

SecOps offers host security with layered protection that guarantees integrity and secures the host from container breaches throughout the continuous delivery pipeline from design to release.