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Managed Firewall

Our firewall management service provides you with round the clock perimeter protection to prevent unauthorised access and costly breaches.  Our certified security analysts will ensure that appropriate access controls are deployed, upgraded and patched across all of your devices, with continuous monitoring to identify and respond to threats to protect your organisation.

Remove the burden of firewall management and monitoring by engaging SecOps security experts.  We will ensure that all compliance requirements for perimeter security, access control, and log analysis are met, with comprehensive reporting on attempted threats and potential areas of weakness.


Managed Network Intrusion Detection & Prevention

An intrusion detection and prevention system add another crucial layer of defense should any cyber threats manage to bypass the firewall.  Our security experts research and analyse information from sources worldwide to identify new cyber attack techniques, possible vulnerabilities in existing systems, and potential threats as they emerge.  This expertise is then used to fine tune your system, safeguard your network, and keep important business traffic flowing. 

To be truly effective, an intrusion detection and prevention system requires AI and machine learning technologies complimented by constant monitoring, management and maintenance.  Using SecOps means that your network is constantly monitored, with User and Event behaviour analysis. Suspicious activity correlation and advanced blocking techniques used to protect your organisation.