Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Scanning


Ethical Hacking delivered by some of NZ's most experienced

Testing and Scanning delivered as a Continuous Assurance model 

Penetration Testing

Our penetration test engagement focuses not only on the technical vulnerability aspects but it also aims to highlight potential business risks, helping the organisation understand which mitigation and remediation actions are required to enhance their security posture..

We can offer:

  • Application security testing

  • Infrastructure penetration testing

  • Mobile security testing

  • Network security testing

  • Remote access security testing

  • Wireless security testing

Our reports detail security vulnerabilities within your infrastructure and provides recommendations to enhance your security posture.

Vulnerability Accessment

Our Vulnerability Assessment helps identify and address weaknesses across either your cloud or on-premise systems.

We can offer:

  • Internal network perimeter testing
  • External network perimeter testing
  • Website testing internal or external

Penetration test Vs Vulnerability Scanning

A penetration test attempts to actively exploit weaknesses in your environment.  A Vulnerability Scan uses to tools to scan and probe your IT assets and then lists the identified vulnerabilities in your systems.

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Why testing your lines of defence is so important?

- It enables your organisation to determine the feasibility of a certain set of threat vectors

- It enables an organisation to identify lower risk vulnerabilities which could result in a major breach if compounded

- Testing the ability of your internal teams or third party providers to detect and defend against this intrusion attempt

- It assists with meeting compliance for Mandatory Breach Notification and PCI DSS 

- It assists with post security incident forensic analysis to determine which controls were compromised and how these can be improved to reduce further risk.  


Continuous Assurance delivered through Automation and targeted hands-on activities on a monthly basis 

Penetration Testing (as an example) is merely a snapshot exercise carried out on network or system at a very specific time. Therefore, we have designed a service which provides Continuous Assurance using as limited overhead as possible, providing our customers with a sustainable and valuable Security testing process.